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Savannah College of Art and Design 
– BFA Graphic Design, Visual Design
IBM Patterns, Design Thinking boot camp
IBM Patterns, Design Thinking Practitioner Certification

IBM Patterns, Design Thinking Co-Creation Certification
IBM Design Thinking Facilitation
IBM Watson, AI Design Thinking Certification

Recognition and Awards

Columbia Scholastic Press Association
– Design of a single spread
Columbia Scholastic Press Association
– Use of a designed or art headline
International Design Awards, Print Design
– Honorable Mention, Poster Design
Savannah College of Art and Design, 
Grad showcase
– Silver, print design


User Experience Architect – The Home Depot
Atlanta, Ga

Visual Experience Designer – IBM
Durham, NC

Visual Designer Intern – Starbucks Reserve 
Starbucks Creative Studio
Seattle, WA

Digital Media Strategist and Designer – The Home Depot
SCAD Pro Sponsored Course
Atlanta, GA

Digital Media Strategist and Designer – AT&T
SCAD Pro Sponsored Course
Atlanta, GA

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Some applications of design thinking are literally matters of life or death. The many admirers of Donald Norman’s general-interest design books, including his 1988 bestseller, recently reissued as “The Design of Everyday Things,” may not realize that he became an activist for usability only after he helped write a report on the 1979 Three Mile Island nuclear accident. As Kuang, a journalist and designer, and Fabricant, a former vice president of creative at the legendary firm Frog Design, explain, that near-tragedy resulted not from faulty reactor design or from failures of the plant’s managers but from the arrangement of the facility’s host of dials and lights, which bore little obvious relationship to the sequence of reactors and boilers they monitored and controlled.
Review by New York Times

“For user-centered design, metaphors are not enough. Successful products often give people what they’ve wanted all along without realizing it, rather than what they say they want..”


With their second album, Saves the World, they don’t bask in being on the right side of history. Instead they put themselves on trial, dissecting their own frailties before addressing those of their enemies. “Saving yourself is the key to saving the world,” they say, explaining the spunky title. You can’t function as an activist if your personal fiascos need attention. So MUNA peer into murky puddles and ask who stares back. “I’ve been looking at myself in the mirror,” lead songwriter Katie Gavin sings on “Number One Fan,” as her bandmates Naomi McPherson (producer) and Josette Maskin (guitarist) flex their alt-rock muscles towards state-of-the-art pop.
Review by Pitchfork

“Saves the World approaches adulthood with unabashed honesty, so you’ll
be ready to smash the system a
little more gently. ”




We all have stress in our day to day lives in the world we live in
and this can be overwhelming for us to process and lead to adverse effects on not only our minds but our physical health as well. As a person interested in not only mental health but also cognitive behavioural development and therapy Headspace works wonders for me and my passions. Along with this Meditation has been shown to reduce daily stress and perceived stress and meditation has been shown to promote subtle improvements in focus, attention and the ability to ignore distractions. Meditating with Headspace for three weeks may enhance compassionate behavior toward others. Overall, I highly recommend giving yourself a little Headspace in your day to day routine.

“Learn to meditate and live mindfully.”

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