a sample spread from my girl interrupted type book with full bleed distorted text

A type specimen for the pivotal
transitional typeface

Publication design 

Type specimen 



2 weeks


Baskerville is an iconic and timeless typeface with much history, when tasked with creating 
a type study specimen I looked to history to find inspiration for a unique and beautiful visual experience. 

Experimenting themes

When working on our type specimen we were
asked to research the typeface and the history
and find aninteresting fact to develop our theme
for the specimen. When working with Baskerville I found that 
John Baskerville was inspired by Roman craved letter forms. With that I moved forward with experimenting with layouts and composisitions

The Final result

After working through issues, I came to the final 16
page specimen exploring the various weights, sizes,
and glyphs to create a unique and beautiful experience.

The final outcomes
  • A deep understanding of Baskerville 

  • Found design inspiration in history and context though research

  • Learn about and used a historic ratios for layout design

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a sample spread from my girl interrupted type book with full bleed distorted text
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