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book covers

Re-imagining Haruki Murakami's
classics cover through type

Haruki Murakami is one of the most prolific contemporary Japanese authors known 
for his signature style of magical realism. In order to convey the everyday wonder found

in Murakami's novels I wanted to use hand-made type and imagery that has been either 

altered or skewed to tie back to the content of his work being both normal and abnormal 

at the same time.

Type experimentation
The final outcomes
  • I developed a better level of comfort in hand lettering and type design and how
    it can be used as a visual element to communicate complex ideas 

  • Embracing an experimental approach to bringing story narratives to live in a
    single composition

  • Designing one of my design projects as a designer for my favourite author 

a sample spread from my girl interrupted type book with full bleed distorted text

Publication design

Type design 

Book design 

Experimental design


A Cannes Film invitation design for Sofia
Coppola's cult classic film


Invitation Design



Paper engineering 

Foil stamping 


A dynamic poster system for 
Brand New Conference 

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