A new way to process grief 



User Experience 
User Interface
Brand Strategy
App design 
Art Direction
Social issues


5 weeks


Based on scientific evidence and an open heart Confidant is a new way to simplify 
grief and lend a helping hand to all those dealing with loss, with Confidant you'll
always trust you aren't alone. 

Built to adapt to you

Detailed on-boarding helps the system adapt to your personal loss & how to help

Talking about your loss can be hard, but it's an important part of the healing process. When setting up your account you can fill in questions concerning your loss or if you aren't there yet you can save that for a later time. Here we get to know you better so we can help you heal.

Hardware with a heart

Daily check-ins built a system that works to constantly improve your mood

Emotional check-ins allow you to track your progress live & allows the system to adapt to your state of mind to suggest mechanisms, talking partners, & more to work to improve your mood overall through the application of AI.

Always there to lend an ear

Talking to someone about grief made easy

Create a network of professionals, open community & Confidants to find support at anytime. See availability of your friends & confidants to talk via text, voice, and video messaging & 24hr access to professional help ensure someone always has your back in your time of need.

Learn & relate to others

Everyone has a story & sharing it can help you heal

Find support in a community that has experienced the same loss you are going through & work together to heal your hurts. Connect with people in your area and around the world to foster a community of support and love for anyone in need. Users can display their emotional status they share through the daily check-ins to be seen publicly so you can lend a helping hand when they need or they can lend a helping hand to you. The focus is to create a community of constant support whenever you need it.

The little push you need

Notifications help you avoid isolation &foster a positive connection

Working through loss can be an isolating experience, but with the use of push notification based on your location, preferences, & favourites Confidant is always there to help you to find something to keep you active and engaged with the people & places you love and emotional trackers on your profiles & others lets people know when to reach out to support & how to reach out to for support.

Coping made easy

Learning to cope with loss is a hard process, but learning how to cope can be easy

Coping mechanisms founded in scientific evidence & based on your likes, dislikes, mood & feedback as you track how the mechanisms works for you allows you to make your coping experience as smooth as possible while stats about your mechanism and mood tracker allow you to gain insights on your healing process.

Help at arms length

Apple watch compatibility allows our Ai to track your mood intuitively

Apple watch compatibility allows the system to naturally adapt to your needs. Push notifications allows you to keep update without the hassle, & tracks different vitals to naturally detect our mood to allow the system to adapt easily so it can learn and grow with you & better enable your progress.

Start with a story

When tasked with designing an app I wanted to identify a painful experience in my life that affected me deeply and nothing affected me more than the loss of my mother.  From my story, I identified 4 pain points that affected me deeply and worked from here to start to create solutions by turning them into brag points that could be used to implement strategies to solve them. 

Identifying problems & solutions

With this insight, I created several flows to identify solutions to these problems.  Once I identified solutions I created flow charts to illustrate the thinking behind my solutions. 

Working through the visual issues with sketches 

Once I established my flows I worked to create quick sketches to hash out solutions and establish a rough visual direction and ran usability testing to work out the visual kinks in my initial designs before moving into the final visual design. 

Usability testing & observations 

After designing my sketches I moved into user testing and watched how people interacted with my design then made observations to establish what was working and not working. Along with this, I asked questions about loss and their experiences with it.  

Test the prototype

Bringing it to life

Taking all the feedback and observations I moved into the final visual design bringing it to life by developing a working prototype. 

To finish I created a brag point page web page to act as a promotional site for the app design to serve as a proof of concept.  

Pulling it together
The final outcomes
  • Created an adaptable system those who are experiencing loss of a loved one

  • Designed with empathy in mind and user testing to develop the best strategy to 
    understand effective ways to process loss and grief

  • Experienced my own emotional release from designing and confronting my
    feeling about my loss

  • Keeping research and behavioral studies in mind to not only foster a safe system 
    for someone experiencing loss with empathy, but an effective solution through research

  • Helped a peer suffering the loss of her father during user testing to be more comfortable
    with being uncomfortable with loss and grief and encouraged her to find support in others
    and strengthened our friendship

Discover my full process part 1 & part 2 

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