Motion design

Stop motion

Shape layer 


3 weeks


a sample spread from my girl interrupted type book with full bleed distorted text

Food Network 


An elevated and exciting rebrand
for the classic Food Network


“Playscapes” imagines a new reality of texture & colour as the viewer dives into the world of food. Each new tastes leads to new places, experiences, and dreams showing the power of food to create synthetic reactions to keep the viewer engaged and coming back for more. 

A fresh new approach

 For my final in Motion Media intro class, we were asked to take an existing television network and refresh the Identity through a network ident and end page animation. I
chose to work with the Food Network due to its fun, relatable, and vast range of content.

Differing tastes

Working through the process we pitched different concepts for the mood and tone of the final motion piece. I

The finished product

Working with food I created an identity based on the idea on synesthesia to create a new way of looking at food. I work with stop-motion and shape layer animation to create an elevated and eclectic new identity for the classic network. 

Discover my full process 

The final outcomes
  • A better understanding of broadcast identity and best practices in motion graphics
     for network and television 

  • A better understanding of photo and video editing and stop-motion animation 

  • An understanding of process and strategy for a broadcast network identity through 
    type and sound design 

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