a sample spread from my girl interrupted type book with full bleed distorted text

A dynamic scriptbook based 
on a cult classic


Publication design

Type design 

Book design 

Experimental design


4 weeks


Girl Interrupted is a cult classic film starring Winona Ryder and Angelina Jolie based on the true
life experience on Joanna Gaines in the 1960's during her time in a mental hospital. We were tasked with
taking the movie script and creating a dynamic and expressive book based on the script of the movie.  

Girl Interrupted—
Look and feel

I chose to emphasise the symptoms of borderline personality disorder that Susanna suffered from in order for the viewer to have a more visceral understanding of the struggle that those who suffer from BPD suffer with on a daily basis. Using hand and digital distortions to simulate the audio-visual experience of someone living with BPD and to use scale to exaggerate sound which was often Susanna's trigger throughout the film.  


Along with this, I chose to use Univers as the typeface since it has historical relevance to the 1960's as one of it's most popular typefaces; as well as, its neutral, yet powerful design. I played with the variety of styles the typeface offers to signify scale and character and used black and white to keep in line with the sombre tone of the film.

Girl Interrupted—
Girl Interrupted—
Girl Interrupted—
Type as image

Experimenting with type and texture to 
represent mental illness and dissociation.

Developing the cover

Playing with paper type I experimented with cover styles
before landing on the current cover design

The final outcomes
  • Learned best practices in layout design to develop a consistent tone and visual design across both experimental typography and clean and traditional design

  • Seamlessly merging digital and traditional media

  • Designing with social responsibility in mind to better the understanding of mental illness

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