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Experimental design


2 weeks


A dynamic poster system for 
Brand New Conference 

"Making the mark" is a dynamic poster series for the Brand New Conference. 2017 Brand New Conference theme was dymanic marks and logo systems. When tasked with design a 3 part poster series to represent the idea, I chose to work with the bow and arrow to represent "hitting or making" the mark with the double meaning of your target, but also your actual identity mark. 

Experimenting with photograph

When creating our design for the event of choice
we were responsible for creating all assets from the
final graphics to the photos or illustrations used. 

Knowing this I experimented with photography 
testing how I could shoot the bow & arrow in new 
and interesting ways to create a dynamic composition.

The final outcomes
  • Experimented with photography and visual texture

  • Build a dynamic and adaptable system for an event design

  • Broadened my skill with photo-manipulation 

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Paper engineering 

Foil stamping