Marie Antionette 


A Cannes Film invitation design for Sofia
Coppola's cult classic film


Invitation Design



Paper engineering 

Foil stamping 


4 weeks


Marie Antionette is a cult classic movie from the perspective of the much loved and much hated 
last Queen of France by award winning director Sofia Coppola.The film explores the perspective of the
young queen and her life in the French court. I wanted to bring to life the beautiful almost sickening decadence
of the film and create an invitation to Celebrate its first screening at Cannes Film Festival in 2006 in the
famous Rococo style of the period so loved by the French Royal family. 

Mood Board and Inspiration 

For the final design I used inspiration from
images from the Palace of Versailles from the
exterior to the interior of Marie Antionette's
room to inform my Illustrations of the front
of the Palace as the front of the invitation.
Along with this all elements were of hand
lettering, diecutting, and foiled illustration
were done by hand then refined in Illustrator. 

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The final outcomes
  • A strong level of production across multiple finishing techniques

  • Interesting art direction and design for a themed event

  • Seamlessly incorporating handcrafted elements with clean type

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